Aleutians East Borough Marriage Records (Alaska)

The Aleutians East Borough Clerk's Office is responsible for keeping and preserving public records for a local government in Aleutians East Borough, AK. As part of this job, Clerks often maintain Aleutians East Borough vital records, including marriage records. This can include marriage certificates and marriage license applications, which contain information such as names, parents' names, dates of birth, the location and date of the wedding, and the names of the officiant and witnesses, if any. These Aleutians East Borough marriage records may be required to legally change a name, apply for spousal benefits, or access other government services. These records are useful for legal purposes and for genealogical research. Many Clerk's Offices also issue certified Aleutians East Borough marriage certificates, which function as legal proof that a marriage is valid. Marriage records can be requested online from the Clerk's Office website.

Aleutians East Borough Clerk Sand Point AK PO Box 349 99661 907-383-2699